Amritsari phirni

Phirni is a main dessert of north indian cuisine . It is a famous dessert in punjab specially in amritsar, amritsari dhabbaas are also known with their famous phirni. We don’t know about the origin of the phirni but it is believed to be originated during mughal empire in india. This dish is being prepared with traditional method and even served in traditional is prepared with milk and rice( traditionally coarsely grinded rice)it is an aromatic dessert and served after meal . It served in earthen pots and eaten with small wooden spoons

Phirni recipe:  

Ingredients: 2 litres of milk

200gm rice ( coarsly grounded)

200 gm khoya ( mava)

300 gm sugar

Few strands of saffron

Few drops of rose water

Half teaspoon green cardamom powder

Few chopped almonds, cashewnuts and pistachios

Some dry rose petals


Soak the grounded rice in half litre milk now take a big pan and add remaining milk into it, bring it to boil on high flame and simmered for few minutes. Add rice paste into the hot milk and stir continuously in order to get a smooth consistency. The milk and rice mixture should be cooked on low flame untill milk thickens, now add sugar and mixed thorougly, remove the pan from fire add some drops of rose water and some strands of saffron( mix with little bit milk)now add nuts. Keep some chopped nuts for garnishing. Pour the phirni in clay pots , garnish with nuts and dry rose petals. Now keep these clay pots in refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours…. 

serve chilled😋food dessert#phirni


Tamrind chutney


500 gm tamrind soaked in water for few minutes

500 gm sugar

500 gm jaggery

25 gm dry ginger powder

25 gm black salt

10 gm roasted cumin powder

10 gm garam masala

5 gm red chilli powder

25 gm cashewnuts

25 gm magaz

A pinch of red food color

3 litres of water

Method: soak the tamrind into water for some time, with the help of hands make pulp of tamrind and deseeds it, strain the tamrind pulp in a large vessel. Put it on the gas , after one boil add sugar ,jeggery,salt,garam masala,chilli powder,cumin powder, dry ginger powder and food colour. Cook till it gets thick consistency, now add cashewnuts and magaz, switch off the gas … cool this chutney and put it into a jar for months.. enjoy it with samosas and chaats and with many more snackes😋😋😋😋


Black carrots kanji

Kali gaajar kanji🥕🥕🥕

Gaajar kanji is a traditional punjabi fermented drink that is made in the month of feb and march. Black carrots appear in the season of holi in punjab. This kanji is made with simple ingredients, carrots, mustard seed powder, black pepper powder,salt,black salt and roasted cumin seeds powder along with water.the whole drink is kept in the warm place and allowed to ferment in an earthen pot or in a glass jar for three to four days… this drink is had as an appetizer. It is sour, spicy and punget taste. This drink of black carrots are highly nutrious and have a high iron and vitamins content. This seasonal drink is a great blood purifier, it helps in digestion and keep our liver is strong.. this is also a great hangover cure ……….. recipe: 200 gm black carrots,2 litre water,1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder,1 tablespoon mustard powder,1/2 teaspoon roasted cumin powder,1 tablespoon black salt and 1 tablespoon plain salt Method: in an earthen pot or glass jar, take water and mix all ingredients. Cover this pot with a cloth. Keep this pot in warm place for three to four days for fermentation. Your kanji is ready to serve……….you can keep it in a cool place or refrigerate it


Green chickpeas balls

Green chickpeas are young garbanzo beans, they have delicious taste and buttery texture. These beans are rich source of zinc,copper, protein, vitamins and iron,they are low in fat and many more health benifits. In 🇮🇳 India it usually arrives in the market just before holi……it can be used in different cuisines in different ways. We can make soups, salads , curries, dips and desserts 🍨 today I’m making punjabi style laddoos from these beans…………………..   ingredients:100 gm green chickpeas,100 gm castor sugar,100gm khoya (mava),two tablespoons desi ghee,1 tablespoon char magaz,10 almonds chopped,10 cashewnuts chopped, half teaspoon green cardamom powder………….                  method: in a nonstick pan add khoya and cook it till the moisture becomes dry, remove from pan and cool it. Now take green chickpeas, wash thoroughly in cold water and grind it to make a fine paste. Now in a pan add desi ghee add chickpeas paste and cook it on simmer for 15 to 20 minutes till it becomes nicely roast now mix khoya in it and cook again for some time. Add sugar, dry nuts and cardamom powder in it. Switch off the gas and mix all things very well, cool it and make the balls of this mixture…. our tasty dessert for holi is ready for serve


Narangi chicken with herbed rice

  1. Ingredients:                                     Two chicken breast whole                   2egg beaten                                     4 tablespoons all purpose flour (maida)                                  Half litre orange juice                    2 tablespoons tomato puree          1 large onion finely chopped       1 teaspoon garlic paste                  Oil                                                         Salt according to taste                     1 tsp black pepper                           4 to 5 pepper corn                           2 laung                                              2 bay leaves                                      1 cinnamon stick                           1 teaspoon chilly flakes                      1/2 teaspoon paprika                    Method:                                                Step one :marinate chicken breast with oil, salt and black pepper for 1/2 an hour.                Step two:heat oil in a pan add pepper corns,laung,bay leaves and cinnamon stick, saute garlic and onion in it. Add tomato puree , salt, red chilli flakes and paprika, cook for some time. After some time remove bayleaves and cinnamon stick from the masala and switch off the gas. Let the masala cool for few minutes, now in a mixer grinder make a puree of that masala , make a smooth paste now pour tha masala in the pan add orange juice in it and simmer the gas, slowly cook till the juice reduce, make a semi gravy , we can add some cornstarch in it to make a thick gravy                                          Step three: heat oil in a pan. Take marinated chicken breast , dip in the beaten eggs and coat it in flour, shallow fry the chicken breast nicely and cut in pieces.                                 Step four: Herbed rice                  Ingredients:1 cup basmati rice     Salt according to taste                1 tablespoon oil                               1 tablespoon garlic paste                 1 tablespoon dried herbs                  Method: boil rice in a pan, strain these rice in a strainer. In a pan saute garlic ,add herbes and add rice mix it and cook for few seconds.                     For the plating : pour the gravy in a deep plate, place the herbed rice in center of the gravy and put the cooked chicken pieces on the top of the rice…..                                         served hot🐔                                    Happy cooking 

Power packed laddos made with flaxseed, wheat milk, nuts, ghee and jaggery 

  1. Winter season is here, we need some healthy recipes that keeps our body strong and healthy in chilled mornings. In india 🇮🇳 it is a tradition to make pinnies or laddoos with different different super foods with the combination of ghee and nuts to keep our body warm and healthier                                           Today I’m making flaxseed laddoos with the combination of wheat milk , jeggery, ghee and nuts                                              Before i start the recipe here is the benifits of all these superfoods                                     Flaxseeds: these are an excellent source of omega 3 essential fatty acids, lignans and mucilaginous gums. This combination is a key factor in the unique health benefits of nutrients, not found in other commonly eaten nuts and seeds.                                              Wheat milk: it is enriched with calcium and a good source of iron carbohydrates, protein and vitamin b.                  Jeggery: it is basically unrefined sugar which is obtained raw, concentrated sugarcane juice, it is the best consumed during the winter boosts immunity, keep the body warm. It is also blood purifier.                                  Ghee: in traditional Indian cooking ghee is the most important part of the food. It is made through a simple process of boiling butter and then pouring off the butter fat, leaving behind the milk solids. Ghee is rich in medium chain fatty acids, which are absorbed directly by the liver and burned as energy. Ghee has a host of health and cooking benefits and is good for the mind and spirit.                                               Nuts: nuts are packed with heart- healthy fats, protein and disease fighting vitamins and minerals. Eating nuts on regular basis may lower your risk of diabetes and improve cardiovascular health.                    Recipe:                                                 Ingredients: wheat grains 2 cup,flaxseed powder 2 and 1/2 cup,desi ghee 1 and1/2 cup, jaggery powder 2 cups,almonds,cashew nuts, pistachios, raisins,desiccated coconut,charmagaz all together 2 cups.                             Method:before making laddoos we have to wash wheat grains thoroughly and soak in water for 7 days make sure you need to change water of wheat every day, on the day of preparation wash it  thoroughly with water and grind it in mixer, add little water in mixer and make a smooth paste. Put it in a strainer and take out the milk from wheat.                                          In a heavy bottom pan dry roast flaxseed powder, remove it in a plate, now roast all dry nuts and keep aside                                                          Take ghee in the pan, cook the milk of wheat till the ghee separates from the milk     Add some ghee in another pan melt it on the high heat , switchoff the gas , add jeggery powder,mix nicely till the stage of melting.                          Now mix all these items, cooked wheat milk,roasted flaxseed powder,melted jeggery and nuts and desiccated coconut.                            Make balls like laddoos. Take one laddo everyday in morning with hot milk or tea